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Computer Repair in Ottawa IL.

Does your Computer turn on then reboot? Your browser keep changing your homepage?

Most likely your computer is infected with malware or root-kit, Either way you have a serious problem.

Ottawa PC Repair in will clean your computer for the small fee of $65.00.


Hard Drive Replacement $150

Failed hard drive replacement

Hard drives fail all the time and it's the most common problem we see at Ottawa PC Repairs.

We'll replace your bad drive with a new drive, clone the drive if possible or reinstall the operating system.

Simple data recovery is free, but if it requires deep-scan data recovery we may need to consider it a second service.

Replace Laptop Screen $150

Laptop screen replacement

Your computer travels with you everywhere, and accidents are going to happen. 

Stop in if you've broken your screen and we'll have it working good as new again for $150!

We install high quality screens with a 3 year warranty.


Malware and Virus Removal $65

Virus & malware removal & tune-up.

Includes automated removal with two different malware scanners, manual removal by our qualified technicians, junk and temp file removal / system tune-up, and anti-virus installation.