Ottawa PC Repair reminds you to backup your data.

I highly recommend backing up your computer on a regular basis.

It upsets me when a customer comes in with a bad drive that cannot be recovered. We have a 95% success rate when it comes to recovering bad drives. Unfortunately we can’t save all of them and yes data is lost.

That is why we recommend setting yourself up with a backup system that meets your requirements as soon as possible.

Backup to alternate medium –

Backing up your data to an alternate medium such as a blank CD-R or DVD-R is one of the easiest methods to backup our personal data. This is the absolute bare minimum method of backing up your data.

Store backups online or at another location –

If your home or office were to catch fire or someone were to steal your computer and backups everything would be lost. Making backups that you store at a friends house or storing backups online is the absolute best method of protecting your personal data.

Ongoing backup –

Having a computer with RAID or running software that makes backups as data changes can help make sure data is protected as it is updated. This is the best solution for sensitive data that is updated frequently. For example, if you were writing a book having a backup that was a week old could result in hours of lost work.

Backing up to a CD-R or DVD-R

Backing up to a blank CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R or other writable disc is easy but will require some type of software or operating system capable of writing to the discs. These type of backups also require the disc be inserted into the computer each time you wish to make a backup.

Backing up to an external hard disk drive

Backing up to an external hard disk drive if the best solution for anyone who needs to backup large amounts of data and need to backup frequently.

Backing up to a USB thumb drive

To backup to a USB thumb drive copy and paste the files you want backed up to the thumb drive.