Windows 10 is set to release to the public on July 29th.

This new operating system is a combination of Windows 7 and 8. Microsoft in a bold move has deemed this release as free to current Windows 7 and 8 users. This is a limited offer.opcr2.jpg

This version of Windows has a lot of great new features that will change your computing totally. Equipped with a personal assistant called Cortana your Windows experience is getting personal.

Microsoft has included a new web browser since the original Internet Explorer called Microsoft Edge.

Your face is now your password. No more forgetting your password with this operating system.

To get this free upgrade you will need your automatic updates set to on. This upgrade will be part of Windows update making the transition effortless, unless you already have issues.

If you attempt to make the upgrade on a infected unit then you will have a problem. Registry errors or any malware infection could cause you to lose your stored data including pictures and music.

Call us today and schedule your appointment to have your unit cleaned and upgraded to Windows 10 for only $65. We will make the transition to Windows 10 painless and error free for this very low price protecting all or your precious data.

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