I have seen more and more of this pesky infection in the past month.

The infection will lock you out of your computer and instructs you to purchase a untraceable money pak card and gives you step by step instructions to pay the ransom and regain control of your computer.

Number one the FBI does not lock down computers. The FBI knocks on your door. This is a scam that has netted thousands of dollars from computer owners around the world that think its a real FBI warning.FBI-Moneypak-Virus-Malware

If you get a warning like this just shut down your computer and bring it in and in 3 hours you will get your unit back all cleaned and protected from future attacks. Anytime you seen any kind of suspicious warnings on your screen just give me a call and I will explain the infection to you.  Winter hours are the same as summer hours this year. 8-5 M-F 10-3 on Sat. Call 815-250-3031 for more information.