Have you checked your computer to see if it is infected with the DNS Changer malware?

You have only one week to do so before you get knocked off the Internet by the Government if you are infected.

That’s right, in one week the Government will start pulling the plug on computers infected with the DNSottawa illinois virus protection Changer infection.

As mentioned in earlier post the Government (FBI) has made it clear for a couple of months that if your computer is infected with the DNS Changer infection then you will be banned from the Internet and it won’t be easy to get yourself unbanned.

This is why its very important to keep your Computer cleaned at all times from Malware and Virus infection.

DNS (Domain Name System) is a core Internet technology used to convert human readable domain names such as Facebook.com into an IP address such as, which a computer understands.
The DNS Changer malware, launched by cyber criminals last year, in effect tells the infected computer to use a DNS server owned by criminals.
Run Windows update and then with your anti-virus program updated run a full scan to be sure you are clean.
You can find numerous websites that will scan your computer for you and tell you if you are infected with DNS Changer.