computer repair ottawa illinoisJust how connected are you?

How many ways are you connected to the Net in Your home?

Could you go back to the way it was?

2012 and the world is still here humming along just like always. You get up and check FaceBook and then your E-Mail all before you even shower and dress for the day.

If this is you then you are the norm for the year 2012 and from what I can see its never going to change. It wasn’t that long ago that you would have to catch the local news to hear about a fire or horrible accident in your local community. Johnny’s dog is lost or the old clock factory is burning is delivered to you immediately through your phone, car and television at the blink of an eye and we all take this for granted.

So the question is how connected are you. Can you go 1 week without access to the web or carrying you phone everywhere you go? Put your phone on your kitchen counter and pretend there is a wire hooked to it and see how long that last.

Don’t check in with FaceBook or check email for 1 week.

Chances are that none of us can do it because the world has evolved into Instant Knowledge of Everything. 🙂

I make a living with this technology and I am the first to tell you I’m way too connected and would love 1 week in the dead zone.