Laptop Stolen? No Problem with Lojack for Laptops from Absolute.

For the small fee of $20 a year Ottawa PC Repairs will install Lojack for Laptops and you will never worry about your laptop being stolen again. The software will automatically call home after you send out the find command. Any where that your laptop is turned on and connected to the Internet your laptop will call home and give its location to you. You will be able to lock down the laptop from your location and even delete all the files on it if needed.ottawa-illinois-computer-repair This is an amazing piece of software that guarantees that it will help you recover you laptop no matter where it is. This software comes with a team of anti theft specialist that will work with your local authorities to recover your property. Don’t let your Laptop be lost or stolen with no hope of getting it back. Lojack for Laptops will not fail.