Malware is not new to Ottawa PC Repair

Seems that the only computer repair in Ottawa Il these days is the removal of malware

If you surf the Internet more than just use Facebook and Twitter you are in danger of being infected by malware.

By following a few simple guidelines yuou can prevent then infection and save yourself the $65 you will be paying to remove the problem.ottawa illinois computer repair

1. Run your anti-virus at least once a week too make sure its done. Evean though most anti-virus programs say they run on their own your better off doing it yourself.

2. Run Disk-Cleanup once a week to rid your PC off temp files that could be hiding trouble files.

3. If while surfing the web and a box pops up saying your infected(and its not your anti-virus app) then power off immediately. Reboot in safe-mode and run your anti-virus. You just stopped a malware infection.

These are simple things you can do to prevent a malware infection that once its in you will have to have it professionally removed by us at a cost of $65.