Ottawa PC Repair in Ottawa Illinois.

Computer running slow? If you live in or around Ottawa Illinois your in luck.

Does your computer reboot in the middle of doing something or your games just won’t play right?

Does your Computer try to turn on than reboot? Your browser keeps changing your homepage?ottawa illinois computer repair

Most likely your computer is infected with malware or a root-kit, Either way you have a serious problem.

The first thing we will do is grab all of your pictures, music and documents so that all of your important stuff is safe.

Ottawa PC Repair in Ottawa Illinois will clean up your computer for the small fee of $65.00 no matter how long it takes. That’s right 1 hour or 1 day and all you pay is $65.00 for the repair.

We will then install a class 1 anti-virus program for free that will help to prevent the problem from happening again.

Don’t worry about all your important data because it’s safe with us and we will even put it back where it was so your not searching your hard drive for it..

Not sure what the problem is? No worries just bring it in and we won’t charge you a dime to tell you the problem. That’s right a free evaluation of your computer problem.

Student and senior discounts are also available.

Hardware to repair your computer also comes at a low price. We use the same high quality parts as the other guys, bought at wholesale prices to save you money.

We will tell you your options before we do anything and within 24 hours your computer will be ready to go home with you.

Fast and Affordable Computer Repair in Ottawa Illinois for Ten years and now with much more to offer!

Need some help with what you think is a dumb Question ? Ask away we don’t mind because there are no dumb questions when its your computer.

Computer repair in Ottawa Illinois has never been easier, Just give us a call or just stop in and for $65.00 your computer will run like new again.